About the Ministry

As National Assembly started to work on ‎‏1‏‎8th of December 2005, the three power pillars of‏ ‏the Islamic Republic of‏ ‏Afghanistan were completed in accordance with the ‎provisions of the constitution of Afghanistan. The commencement of legislative and regulatory activities of the National Assembly requires the establishment of a new administrative Institution to ensure the relations and activities of the parliamentary affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Most countries with well-run presidential systems in the world have a specific body for ‎parliamentary affairs, in particular, to regulate and maintain executive and legislative relations, promote legislative programs, budget affairs, developmental programs, ‎facilitate and pursue other relations in accordance with the law.

In some countries, decentralized parliamentary affairs administration operates in ministries and independent departments in the frame of certain branches, but in a number of countries a centralized parliamentary affairs office provides parliamentary relations of state bodies. In our neighborhood country Islamic Republic of Iran the Vice President for Parliamentary Affairs is responsible to provide parliamentary and executive relations, while there are ministries of parliamentary affairs in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Jordan, Algeria, Malaysia and a number of other countries. The parliamentary affairs administration has been existed in the decade of Royal government democracy in Afghanistan too which at first worked in the frame of the Ministry of Justice and then worked in the frame of the presidential frame.

In order to regulate and ensure legitimate parliamentary relations in accordance with the provisions of the constitution of Afghanistan and based on the conventional and customary practices of democracy in democratic countries and principle of separation of three powers, the Afghan government newly appointed administrative system, especially with a diminutive ‎existence‏ ‏of posed and Inclusive‏ ‏political parties in Government and Parliament, required a centralized ‎parliamentary affairs office to be set up which have high position and adequate competence to ‎establish effective communication and relationships in order to regulate and provide communications ‎and parliamentary affairs relation for government bodies‏ ‏‎.‎Therefore the State Minister office for the Parliamentary Affairs was established on ‎‏2‏‎5 Dec 2005 based ‎on approval of issue number 35 of High Council of Ministers of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan‏.‏ At first, it ‎worked alongside the General Directorate of Affairs‏ ‏and Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, ‎then after 3 years of activity and creating good administrative and professional capacities fortunately‏ ‏in early 2008‎‏ ‏it was approved as an independent budget unit.

Since the establishment of this office, the only attempt was to‏ ‏establish and regulate the principled ‎relations of the parliamentary affairs of the three bodies of the state, and also the precautionary ‎measures have been taken in order to prevent the challenges and to solve the problems. Resources, ‎organization, and experiences of the Office of Minister of the State are set in accordance with the goals ‎and objectives set forth above and gradually grew and developed.

By proving effective role in the establishment and regulation of parliamentary relations over the time, the State Minister office not only focused on the mutual relations and subjects between the legislative and executive bodies, but also started to institutionalize democracy in the country with particular attention to strengthen the foundation of democracy and executive body access to non-governmental activities.

You can say that there is a strong foundation for democracy in the country when‏ ‏a complete ‎awareness with feeling, an extension of the general scope of acceptance and experiencing the practice of ‎democracy exists.‎

Democracy is the ornament of a nation, but if it is not kept wisely like other jewels it would be ‎abducted, lost or destroyed. Therefore the State Minister office has been arranged and equipped ‎to present the results in accordance with the given main duty, In other words, it might be able to ‎encourage the awareness of the discipline, performance and democracy practice in‏ ‏civil society.

So, the information and public awareness directorate have been established in the frame of state Minister’s office to help the Afghan nation to be aware of democracy and give it value.

The main goal of this directorate is to have full consideration to civil society all over the country in particular universities, institutes, schools, special educational centers, NGOs, press and print media, intellectuals, publication and transmission about democracy and democracy practice, and also to encourage and support establishment of the election foundations and democracy work sections in civil societies.