Celebration of International Women’s Day at Ministry of State for Parliamentary Affairs,

Mon, Mar 11 2019 9:46 AM
Celebration of International Women’s Day at Ministry of State for Parliamentary Affairs,


Meeting Hall, March 10, 2019

At this occasion, Dr. Farooq Wardak, State Minister, congratulated this historical day for all Afghan women in particular to those women who have sacrificed their close relatives in defense of the Afghan Nation. He also extolled struggle of Afghan women in the country’s progress and rehabilitation.

Mr. Wardak expressed the importance of women’s roll in governmental structure and hoped for stronger and more effective steps in this regards. He mentioned that great achievements of the past one and half decade which equal gender rights have been possessed through our present constitution, will be kept by any means and possibility.

State Minister added that ongoing conflict has made limited all possibilities for freedom and prosperous life.  In order to restore happiness and freedom, we must have collective stand against all threats and restrictions.

At the end, State Minister asked Afghan women in general and female staff of the ministry in particular to hold strong stand and set up higher goals for their progress and legal rights. Mr. Wardak also gave full assurance to audience that he will try his best to keep the legal rights of women, as per the statement of constitution.

At the ceremony, Mrs. Lina Tahiri, head of gender office, on behalf of all female staff expressed her deep appreciation to Senior Management for all the support they have experienced so far and she also sought for more attention in this regards.

Another speaker of the ceremony was Dr. Sabit, Advisor to President, who spoke about the women’s place in Islamic Society.  He said that Islam has given more rights to women in comparison to any other religion in the world.  He expected that Afghan women must enjoy their legal rights and do not allow to give up these achievements by any means at all.

Head of the Relation Department with Meshrano Jirga, Mr. Aqa Mohammad Fayaz,  also gave his speech about the women’s  roll in Islamic history. He extolled Islamic women scholars in spreading the voice of Islam and he also expected for a minimized level of violence and harshness against women  in Afghan society.

Mrs. Rahima Popalzai, legal advisor, also gave detailed speech in which she showed the ways that guarantee women’s participation at the political system.

At the end, by distribution of handsome gifts to female staff members, the program was closed with joy and happiness.






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