Celebration of World Youth Day

Sat, Sep 15 2018 1:49 PM

The International Youth Day was celebrated in the meeting hall of the State Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs, in which the religious scholars, Minister Deputies, Directorates, advisers and employees of the Ministry were attended.

Opening speech was started by Deputy Minister of the State Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs, Dr. Mohammad Karim Baaz. He said poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, drug addiction and cultural constraints are among the basic problems facing youths, and that serious consideration should be given to fighting it, because young generation is the backbone of the community, their health is a big privilege for the society.  Mr. Baaz also pledged to pay attention to youth capacity building,  in line with the policy of the State Ministry for Parliamentary  Affairs, they will set up workshops and seminars for young generation  in order to enhance the capacities of youths, they will conduct seminars and workshops both domestic and abroad, and providing them the suitable work environment as well.

The senior adviser of the State Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs, Abdul Wadood Sabet spoke about the role of youths in political, social, cultural and economic developments in the country, urging young generation to avoid from discrimination, ethnicity and linguistic issues by fostering their national mentality and spirit.

Then the Meshrano Jirga's relations Director of the State Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs Aqha Mohammad Fayaaz, talked about the human values that mentioned in the Holly Quran, he said that the youth must maintain dignity, justice, brotherhood and national unity among themselves in order to ensure relationships and development.

Farid Ahmad Amiri, a professional expert of the Government Relations Directorate, called on the ministry's youth stated that “in the past two decades, the bright and active role of youth in the field of education has been hopeful” he added “youth can save Afghanistan from the crisis and problems”.

Next; the well-known religious‎ scholar of the country, Mohammad Ayaz Niazi, talked about the rights and role of youths in terms of Islam, saying that young people are the heart of the community, if the heart is sick, the whole body will be upset and sick. Young people should be aware of their religious rights and should stand against non-religious practices and custom. Referring to the youth sacrifices in the country, he added that the government should work on the establishment of educational centers and religion scholars should try to encourage youth to improve their capacity.


Subsequently, HR Director of the State Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs, Mohammad Qhasem Ghairat, addressed to the young generation said “based on the instructions of the Holy Quran, Hadith Sharif, laws and the constitution of our country; you will have to make changes in your selves because the change of youth means a change of society”.

At the end of the ceremony, young employees of the Ministry who showed merit and creativity from themselves in the field of work were praised and honored with the distribution of gifts.

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