Message of State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs


I am very pleased and praise be to Almighty Allah for giving me a new opportunity to serve my honorable people and beloved country. It is worth mentioning to thank H.E Mr. President for placing his special trust in me with this significant responsibility.

With the help of Almighty Allah, under the leadership of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and support of my team, I will enhance coordination and establish effective working relations between three power pillars of the government. Our efforts will concentrate on filling the information gap between these powers, for information gap leads to mistrust.

We will make every possible effort to share timely information with the three power pillars. We will strive to establish a robust and responsive framework for presentation of proper agenda of the executive branch to legislative branch and proper pursuit and maintenance of the demands of the legislative branch in the executive branch. I will work with my team to further improve the rule of law and strengthen the democracy. During this journey, I would deem every suggestion, advice and constructive criticism important and valuable for my team.

As the State Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, my first objective would be to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of this institution and boost its political prestige and develop coordination as necessary between the three power pillars of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. 

On the basis of the existing laws and regulations, I will reinforce effective relations between the power pillars to develop a spirit of cooperation in place of confrontation which will pave the way for smooth operations of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and will easily overcome the obstacles in achieving our great national goals.



Ziaulhaq Amarkhil

State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs