Organisational Structure State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs



All the activities of this department conform to the 5-year Strategic Plan for 2011-2015(1390-5 hegira). The department comprises a Deputy Director, three Advisors, and six Officials.

The Office of Communication and Public Information is co-ordinating all communication with the media and with other awareness programmes.  Seven years’ experience in working with the three branches of government has led to constant improvements in many areas.

In the last year, following numerous meetings with different ministries, groups, individuals and branches of government, the advantages of all coming under one office – that of the Department of State for Parliamentary Affairs - have become clear.   This Ministry has been set up to overcome the barriers existing between the Government and the Assembly and facilitate relations.

The Department of State for Parliamentary Affairs has links into eighty-six different departments and agencies, both civil and military. Over several months, their work has been well received and is increasing. Between two and five individuals have been appointed in each ministry.

The Office of State for the Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs, in addition to facilitating co-operation between the three branches of Government, is aware of its responsibility to respond to the requests of Parliament.

The staff of the central office for the Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs, together with other government departments and independent agencies, aims to provide facilities for MPs in tracking documents, setting up meetings – both between officials and with members of the public.