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SMPA meets MP of Nomads & Government Employees

SMPA meets Authors & Cultural Activists

SMPA meets Tribal Elders & Youth

SMPA meets Youths & Social Activists of Kandahar & Badghis

SMPA meets Governor of Nooristan & Former Speaker of Youths’ Parliament

SMPA meets tribal elders of Maidan Wardak, youths of Logar and employees of MRRD.

Members of both houses of the National Assembly will be treated equally in Government 

Conduct of Public awareness workshop on Violence Prevention Law against Women and Children:

Celebration of the National Week for Approval of Constitution:

Meeting of the Joint Committee for Application of the Presidential Order:

Ceremony for Issuance of Certificates:

Starting-up Biometric Registration Process for all Employees at State Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs (SMPA):

Program for Mandatory Appointment of Female Staff at all Civil Services Departments  

Opening Ceremony of Server Room/Data Center at Ministry of State for Parliamentary Affairs (SMPA):

Meeting with His Excellency Norwegian Ambassador

Meeting With His Excellency Norwegian Ambassador