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SMPA Minister meets the Youths and Elders and of Hussainkhil and Mandozi Tribes

SMPA Minister meets a number of Active Women

Emphasis on Role of Youth in Strengthening the Government

Wolesi Jirga Administrative Board held meeting with High Security Officials

SMPA meets Head of IECC, Director of Asan Khedmat, and Deputy Governor of Maidan Wardak

SMPA meets a number of MPs

SMPA Minister meets MPs of Nangarhar

SMPA Minister Meets Deputy of MOT, Director of Teachers’ Training at MOE and DG of C. Baghlan

SMPA Minister meets Kabul Mayor

SMPA Minister meets Senator of Kunar and Deputy Minister of MRRA

SMPA Minister meets Youths of Maidan Wardak and members of (34+1) Association

SMPA Minister meets members of the Joint Jirga of Peoples of Khak-e-Jabbar

SMPA Minister meets Tribal Elders and Youths

Office of Chief of Staff launches a new Electronic Database for Documents

National Budget Amendment Draft is approved

SMPA meets members of National Assembly