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SMPA celebrate Flag National Day

Steps towards E-Governance in the SMPA

SMPA Minister meets MPs of WJ

SMPA Leadership hold Administrative Meeting

SMPA Minister attends the interrogation Session of the Commission for Immunities & Privileges of MPs

SMPA celebrate Children’s Day

Mashrano Jirga praises Deputy Minister of State Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs

SMPA Minister chairs the Administrative Meeting

SMPA Minister attends the Plenary Session of MJ

SMPA Gender Department and AGO conducts Public Awareness Workshop on Law of Prevention of Harassment against Women and Children

SMPA, DM of Parliamentary Affairs participates the Opening Ceremony of the Afghanistan Manufacturing Industries Exhibition

SMPA celebrate Book Reading Week

HR Directorate Of SMPA Conducts A Training Workshop On Civil Service Law

SMPA Minister Awards Heroism Medal to Martyr’s Family

DABS holds a Public Awareness Workshop on Energy Conservation to SMPA Staff

SMPA holds Administrative Meeting Chaired by State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs