Meeting with His Excellency Norwegian Ambassador

Thu, Jun 27 2019 10:25 AM
Meeting with His Excellency Norwegian Ambassador


Today, Dr. Ghulam Farooq Wardak, State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, had a friendly meeting in his office with Mr. Peterson, the Royal Ambassador


During the Meeting, Dr. Wardak praised the Ambassador for all the support that Norwegian people and government have rendered to Afghanistan in various   development projects.

Mr. Wardak also briefed him about the key role of State Ministry in building constructive relationship between 3 pillars

.of the State                                                               

                      State Minister asked the ambassador to try in close relationship among the State Ministry of Afghanistan and similar governmental structures at Norway so that we could use their experience in building fair relations

Between the legislative and executives. 

In response, the ambassador made it clear that Norwegian aid will continue as usual and expressed their support of peace process with custody of Afghan People. He also expressed his support to the upcoming presidential election. 

                                                                    The Ambassador Peterson believed that State Ministry can play very important role in keeping smooth relations between the 3 pillars of the state.

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