Message of State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs

Message of State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

I am very pleased and grateful to Almighty Allah for granting me the opportunity once again to serve my people and our beloved country. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to His Excellency the President and His Excellency the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for their trust and confidence in me to undertake this responsibility.

I am grateful to take responsibility of an institution (which I founded twelve years ago) that is in charge of establishing efficient working relationships and coordination among the three pillars of the government. With help and assistance of almighty Allah, guidance of the leadership of the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and support of my colleagues and team, I envision pursuing significant goals such as:

  • Establishing efficient coordination among the three pillars of the government
  • Establishing effective working relationships among the three pillars of the government
  • Reducing official and working interferences
  • Supporting rule of law and realization of democracy
  • Two way sharing of comprehensive and accurate information
  • Presentation of proper agenda of the executive branch to legislative branch, and
  • Proper pursuit and maintenance of the demands of the legislative branch from the executive branch.

Dear Fellow Citizens!

I am proud to say that this institution, which I am taking responsibility of for the second time, was founded in 2005, from its inception until 2008 I took the responsibility of leading it in circumstances where the Afghan people experienced a long delay of existence of a parliament. We resumed the fifteenth national assembly in a situation where our country just initiated exiting a long war, all of our national institutions were destroyed, and the trust between the political strata of the country was at its lowest. Fortunately, at the time through this institution we were able to establish exemplary effective coordination, confidence, and mutual-cooperation between intergovernmental branches. Which is not only the recalled by the Afghan nation in a beneficent manner, but also all the elements of the three branches recall it as a brilliant memorial of good mutual understanding, harmony,  and mutual cooperation; ultimately the Afghan nation consider it a great honour for our country.

As State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, my first endeavour will be to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the service delivery of this institution. In addition, through promoting the political prestige of the institution, I will strive to establish the necessary coordination among the three pillars of the government. Keeping in mind the laws and regulations of the country, I will attempt to establish relations among the three branches that result in oppositions to turn into mutual-cooperation. As a result, the mechanical system of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will operate smoothly and without any hindrance; and it will facilitate realization of bigger national goals through elimination of existing challenges.



Ghulam Farooq Wardak

State Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Senior Advisor to President