press conference at the government press club

Sun, Apr 21 2019 11:24 AM
press conference at the government press club.


Today on Sawar 1st. 1398 (April 21st , 2019), Dr. Ghulam Farooq Wardak, State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs,  expressed full statement about the achievements of last year plus planned activities for the current year 1398 in a press conference at the government press club.

During the press conference, Mr. Farooq Wardak said that following are the details of important tasks which have been completed in the year 1397:

-         Coordination of a total number of 13690 meetings of parliamentary members with high ranking Government Authorities.

-         Arrangement of a total number of 4374 meetings for government officials who were invited to different committees of parliament (Milli Shora).

-         Facilitation for getting votes of confidence for the newly appointed cabinet members which in result, 11 out of 12 nominees could succeed to get confidence from Wolasi Jirgah.

-         Preparation of the Ministry’s Strategic Plan for the upcoming 5 years.

-         Established a comprehensive data base record for legislative documents.

-         Coordination between parliament and security sector for the safety of Parliament Members during all domestic trips.

As far as the planning of 1398 is concerned, State Minister expressed that we are committed to maintain stronger relations between the 3 pillars of state which will be proved of stability, law enforcement and a developed society.

He also added that after opening the new term of Milli Shora, State Ministry will perform the following activities as per the planning schedule:

-         To conduct special awareness programs for the newly elected members of Wolasi Jirgah.


-         Introduction of the newly appointed ministers to Wolasi Jirgah for achievement of confidence vote. 

-         Processing of the Law for coordination of Parliamentary Relations.

-         Coordination of the impeachment and interrogation procedures as per the constitutional statute.

-         To activate the commission for assessment of Seleucid Trespasses.

-         And many more essential issues.

Mr. Wardak also announced that 17th legislative term will be started soon which he hoped that by starting this term, a new chapter will be opened and we will enjoy more coordination, bilateral relations and more confidence among the 3 pillars of the state.

He also mentioned that Ministry of State because of being the only responsible unit for better coordination and promotion, will play critical role in institutionalizing democracy and lawful governance system.

According to him, it worth to mention that as per the decree of his Excellency the President and 2nd article of Access to Informational Law, all governmental budgetary bodies are obliged to share with the public their achievements, future planning and activities through social media network respectively. 


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