1- Establishment of the legal place of the State Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs in the ‎framework of the constitution and other laws of Afghanistan.‎

‏2‏‎- Arrangement and provision of parliamentary relations with the government's three main ‎bodies, in particular the consolidation of parliamentary relations between the executive and ‎legislative branches, while observing the principle of separation of powers.‎

‎3- Developing specific policies in relation to government-defined priorities to strengthen ‎effective and efficient relations between the three branches of the country, executive, ‎legislative and judiciary.‎

‎4- Negotiate, conclude agreements and treaties with friend countries and International ‎colleagues of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in parliamentary affairs in order to enhance, ‎regulate and advancement of affairs through using the successful versions of the world with the ‎similar parliamentary affairs organizations.‎

‎5- Develop and strengthen the administrative and organizational structure of the Ministry in ‎accordance with the changes and requirements of the day.‎