Public Awareness Workshop at Ahl-i-bait Higher Education Institute (ABHEI):

Tue, May 07 2019 11:59 AM
Public Awareness Workshop at Ahl-i-bait Higher Education Institute (ABHEI):

Public Awareness Workshop at Ahl-i-bait Higher Education Institute (ABHEI):

A public awareness workshop was held at (ABHEI) under the title of “Capabilities of Parliament and Achievements of State Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs” on Sunday, May 4th.

The workshop was conducted for awareness of the alumni about parliamentary affairs.  Meanwhile Mrs. Naziri briefed the participants about all the achievements of state Ministry.  She added that SMPA is the only authority that is responsible for coordination of smooth relations among the three pillars which is vital element for institutionalization of democracy.

Also detailed information was given to the audience by Advisor Sayed Mohammad Rahimi about the role and tasks of Milli Shora (parliament).  Mr. Rahimi also provided answers for the related questions on the floor.

In response the academic staff plus elumni praised the iniciative of State Ministry for conducting such usefull workshops which will play important role in capacity building of the students. They also requested for continuation of such usefull events.

At the end appreciation certificate was given by Emal Habibi to the head of the Institute for his good cooperation in this regards. 


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